Friday, November 20, 2009

New creations for upcoming fairs

This is the cutest beach journal with real sand and shells. The image is a marsh scene and the bottom is argyle. I love argyle, I try to wear it everyday! $ 5.00

These are the jumbo paperclip bookmarks, All dolled up and ready to give to all those that you want to give a little something to. $1.00 each
These are just the cutest little wooden caddies, they have bookmark, post it note or mini journal, matching pen, and marble magnets. All coordinating. I just love these sets and plan to make more. Just add a gift card (included is a gift card holder) and you have a nice gift. $8.00 each

These are those magical piggy wands. Great little gag gift! $1.00 each

Hi, Well since mom has been on vacation this week, I have just been crafting away. My last fair was a good success, but I am always hoping for a better crowd turnout and of course more items sold. These are a couple things I have been working on. Well back to crafting and of course blah, blah, blah.


  1. Wow, you've been super busy! I love your bookmark ideas and the cute caddies. Good luck on your next craft show. I hope you sell tons! :)

  2. The bookmarks are definetly going to be a big hit in my book. The wooden caddy is a really great idea, also. Most of all the price is right. Nona