Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are back...

Winter has been cold and we have had above average amounts of snow for our area, but I have been snuggled up with my husband and we have been creating some items for the upcoming season. We have started making dog beds and cedar storage chests. They are approx 36" x 20" and have beautiful fabrics and they are beautiful. We have done alot of specialty items this year such as a stool on casters for my niece to do pedicures, a window storage seat for a client who would really like to have a beach house, so she is making her apartment as close as she can to being relaxing and a beautiful place to come home to. We also built one for my stepdad that the inside stores an emergency battery backup for his nebulizer machine just in case they lost power during the ice storm. We have also made some toy chests. We have started working with a new furniture company that has several stores and if all goes well, my little hobby may turn into a full time job.

We are also planning to participate in some of the larger craft shows around the beaches that we are very excited about.
We will keep you posted, so...blah blah until the next time.

Enjoy the photos,

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