Monday, December 7, 2009

What a cold weekend!

This was my side of the tent, much more cluttered than moms, LOL. We had to protect as much as possible from the wind/rain/cold, so we didn't get a lot of items out the first day.

Dad helped both days. I think he likes this craft fair hobby!

Second day was much better. My daughter didn't stay covered up in the corner like the day before. We were able to display so much more and the people came out to shop!

I loved this setup from the first day. Moms stuff just seems to all go together very nicely, kind of like room decor in a box idea.

Santa came out today and just had to have his picture taken with the blah blah girls. Mom made the hats to match our theme, we were the hit of the show.

On day 2, we were able to display the ottomans and lots of people admired them. A couple good leads. Come on you guys, you know you want one or two!

This was moms setup inside day 2. We needed to get that beach decor out and show off her talents.

The Doggy Seat Saver and dog treats were a huge hit yet again! Whats not to love. Our dogs want to travel with us and we need and want them to be safe doing so. They are our children too!

Well the craft fair was cold yet a lot of fun. 2 days spent with family and made new friends to boot. I enjoyed it and look forward to many more future shows. Thanks to all who came out in the weather. See you soon, blah blah blah.

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